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We're Hiring a Campaign Organizer!

The Carolina Youth Action Project (CYAP)  is an abolitionist organization building power among girls, transgender youth, and gender nonconforming youth through political education, creative resistance, and community organizing.

We believe young people can most effectively transform their communities when they have access to political education, leadership development, and organizing opportunities. By building power among girls, transgender youth, and gender nonconforming youth, the Carolina Youth Action Project works to develop the necessary infrastructure for radical change in the South.

The Carolina Youth Action Project is seeking a temporary Campaign Organizer to support the development of and facilitate long-term campaigns led by youth organizers in Charleston, South Carolina. The Campaign Organizer will serve as a member of a collective of core organizers who ground and guide the organization’s work. They will work closely with CYAP’s Youth Initiative Organizer, who coordinates the Youth Action Alliance and Youth Leader Institute.

We believe that our leaders should reflect the communities in which we work. Therefore, women, transgender people, gender nonconforming people, people of color, working class people, and people who have been directly impacted by the justice system are strongly encouraged to apply.


Campaign Development

  • Serve as point of contact for two youth-led campaigns, including one to remove police officers from public schools in Charleston

  • Guide CYAP’s organizational campaign strategy

  • Coordinate bi-monthly campaign meetings

  • Co-facilitate weekly meetings with youth organizers

  • Plan and provide organizing trainings for youth organizers, CYAP organizers, and community members  

  • Organize local events including direct actions and community forums

  • Develop and implement organizing strategies to recruit, sustain and actively engage community members  

  • Expand CYAP’s active base of supporters and volunteers

  • Track engagement of campaign supporters and volunteers

  • Create campaign-related educational materials

  • Conduct research about campaign related topics including: historical context, political landscape, law and policy, cultural organizing, acts of resistance, and former local, regional, national, and global campaigns

  • Document and evaluate campaign strategy

Core Collective (shared responsibilities)

  • Attend and co-facilitate weekly core team meetings

  • Contribute to strategic planning and organizational development

  • Support youth initiatives

  • Support fundraising and grant writing efforts

  • Communicating with board members

  • Support with future hiring and training of new organizers

  • Assist with communications and social media strategy

  • Travel to select conferences, trainings, convenings, and site visits

  • Develop and strengthen alliances with (potential) partner organizations

  • Create and be accountable to individual leadership development plan

  • Participating in semi-annual evaluations

  • Engage in continued self-reflection and political development

Helpful Skills & Experience  

  • Experience working with criminalized youth, particularly youth of color, queer and trans youth, and poor and working class youth

  • Holding space and relationship building

  • Community organizing

  • Facilitation and curriculum development

  • Base-building and outreach

  • Campaign strategy

  • Communications and social media strategy  

  • Direct action coordination

  • Event planning  

  • Political education and skill sharing

  • Conflict mediation

  • Google applications

Helpful Political Understandings

  • Prison abolition and transformative justice

  • Feminism / womanism, anti-racism

  • Popular education

  • Trauma-informed youth work

  • Identity, intersectionality, positionality

  • Respectability and disposability politics

  • Impact of neoliberalism, capitalism, colonization, imperialism, militarism, and other forms of state violence on various communities

  • Political landscape in Charleston and the larger state of South Carolina

  • Legacy of violence and resistance in the Southeastern United States


  • 24 hours a week at $15 per hour. The Campaign Organizer position will exist as a temporary role between September 2018 and May 2019. There is potential, however, for the position to extend beyond May 2019 and/or become permanent.


  • Application deadline: Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 - 11:59 PM EST

  • Ideal start date: Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Application Details

To apply, send your contact information and responses to the three questions/prompts below to

  • What specific skills or experiences will you bring to the Campaign Organizer position?

  • Share a story that speaks to your belief in and/or commitment to southern political organizing and resistance.  

  • Submit a brief outline for a grassroots event (community forum, direct action, etc.) to support CYAP’s youth-led campaign to remove police officers from public schools in Charleston.

Kenya Cummings