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it feels unreal to be able to work with a badass group of unstoppable girls, trans youth, & gender nonconforming youth in the south who not only believe another world is possible, but are committed to doing the work to bring it to life.

i spent four years supporting some of the most amazing young people in new york, california, & pennsylvania. i loved making space for their personal & political development, but, for a variety of reasons, never felt fully invested in sticking around.

in the spring of 2017, i decided to move back to the south. i was eager to feel rooted again, to be close to my family, and to shift power in a place i had only learned to love after i left. still, i was apprehensive about being able to find work that i could feel passionate about. it seemed unlikely that i would find a space in which i could learn and grow with young people, be explicitly political, and  unapologetically work to build & shift power. that is, until i found it.

one of my homegirls found a job posting for cyap while we were talking on the phone. she read through the responsibilities, told me my ass better apply, and reminded me that this was the sort of work i was meant to do. a year and a half later, here i am, finally feeling grounded and fully invested in the work i get to do each day.

in my initial letter to cyap, i named that applying for the position felt like coming home, that i wanted to disrupt the cyclical narrative that distances young girls, trans folks, & gnc folks of color from the south and uplift the brilliance & power of young people working to navigate oppressive systems & structures. in the short time i've worked with cyap,  i've had the space to do all of that and more.

working with young people in south carolina is beautiful, heart wrenching, meaningful, chaotic, and so very necessary. it's also work that's consistently underfunded. i'm out here trynna make sure we can continue holding space for young people & building up radical infrastructure in this state. please donate to my fundraiser, and also, support our work and the work of other abolitionist organizations across the south. another world is possible, y'all. let's make it happen.

in community,


Kenya Cummings