Help Lacii Raise $150 for CYAP!



As you may or may not know, I have recently become a member of the Carolina Youth Action Project’s board of directors. This organization focuses on political education and community organizing to build power among girls, trans youth, and gender nonconforming youth to work collectively and make radical change within our community. Because this is a nonprofit organization, our success depends on the kindness of our donors within the community.

I first learned about CYAP through my work with Rock Camp during the summer of 2018, and while I have only been involved with the Carolina Youth Action Project (CYAP) for a few months, this organization has been life changing for me, both professionally and personally. I have learned, and am continuing to learn, how to be true to myself, while supporting the young people I work with to find their truest selves as well. CYAP’s work encourages young people and gives them the tools to use their voices and be change makers in their communities. Honestly, this has become my life’s work as a teacher and, now, as a member of the board.

I would be honored if you would help me reach my donation goal of $150.00. This money will go towards helping young people find their voices in a way that matters to our community as a whole. Please consider giving to our cause.

Thank you,


Kenya Cummings