Help Tracy Raise $150 for CYAP!

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for the Carolina Youth Action Project (CYAP)!  


I have personally witnessed the amazing things this organization has been doing for girls, transgender youth, and gender nonconforming youth through watching my own two daughters and their friends learn, grow, broaden their horizons, and build confidence in their years at rock camp. They learned to be confident, strong, supportive, assertive, and empathetic, and it has made all the difference in their lives.  They also learned how to be allies for their gay, trans, and gender nonconforming friends. These youth need safe and supportive spaces, which are painfully scarce in our community. I want to be part of building these spaces, so when CYAP invited me to join the board, I was all in!

Those of you who know me well, know that before my relatively new career as a professional counselor, I was an educator and a sex educator. One of the initiatives of CYAP this year is comprehensive sex education in public schools. To this I say: “It’s about time!” The sex education curriculum used in SC schools is dangerously inadequate. Not only does it fail to address heterosexual topics comprehensively, it requires queer and trans identities to only be discussed in the context of sexually transmitted diseases. Young people need skilled and compassionate sex educators who can teach all youth with compassion, inclusion, and dignity.  Sex education can be empowering, leading to better overall health and happiness in our youth.

Another thing I love about CYAP is that it empowers young people to be that change they want to see in the world.  These kids are learning to organize, lead, and demand changes in our community. They are getting involved! From Transformative Justice to Talking Circles for queer youth to disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline, CYAP is doing the hard but important work that matters to all youth, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. They are truly seeding possibilities in our community.

I know there are hundreds of worthwhile causes out there that are worthy of our attention and our donations.  It can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why I took the time to personally vouch for this one. CYAP is doing very important and often overlooked work right here in Charleston. Please donate what you can, knowing that even a $10 or $20 donation can feed campers, buy supplies, provide childcare, and help fund trainings for our young activists.

My goal is to raise $150 for CYAP in the “7k in 7 days” fundraising drive. Please donate what you can today.

With appreciation,


Kenya Cummings