Core Organizers

Ariel Eure

Lead Organizer

Ariel is a Black queer womanist from southeastern Virginia. As a socialist and abolitionist, they believe in the power and necessity of community movements for justice. They are a political educator, facilitator, performer, and radical youth worker.

Ariel has a B.A. from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a M.S.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania. Before moving to South Carolina, Ariel supported youth development program initiatives in the Bay Area, New York City, and Philadelphia. 

A lover of sunflowers, big earrings, speculative fiction, and oxford commas, Ariel enjoys spending time learning about astrology and being an auntie to three little humans. 

Ren Trueblood

Campaign Operations Coordinator

Ren is a queer Asian-American femme from the backwoods of Boiling Springs, South Carolina. They received their B.A. from Winthrop University shortly before joining the CYAP organizing team in 2016.

As the child of a war refugee who witnessed but was unable to name the traumas of misogyny and imperialism, Ren is grateful for the ways in which CYAP allows them to heal and grow every day through the deeply personal work of nitty gritty, grassroots youth organizing.

In addition to color coding google docs for social change, Ren enjoys riding their bike on empty streets at midnight, searching for the best potato chips life has to offer, and talking about their cat, Gertrude.

Kim Larson

Administrative Coordinator

Kim is one of the founding organizers of CYAP and has worn many hats in the organization. She is a musician who didn’t start writing and performing music until the age of 22 after volunteering at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in New York.

Through attending and hosting house shows for many years, she discovered how powerful music can be as a tool for building community and inspiring personal and political transformation. She is always amazed by the young people she has met through working with CYAP and is excited to see their vision of a better South Carolina become more possible everyday.

Kim also plays guitar in post-punk band Southern Femisphere.